Yes!! tablet will replace smartphones..:)

As UROTAB unveiled, people started enjoying the portability and immersive experience that how a small UROTAB offers over smartphones. Looking at the mobile trends, It can be seen how the tablet will replace the smartphones. And it may happen sooner than one can think. Thanks to the pace of mobile-network expansion, new audio and video technologies, the expansion of Wi-Fi, and more-capable hardware that runs longer on a single charge, It is expected that tablet such as UROTAB will replace the smartphones within the next half a dozen years.

Few reasons for this happening are:-

Dependence on media consumption:-This won’t surprise anyone, but now that traditional video,movies and TV shows in addition to YouTube content is more readily accessible on UROTAB where screen size and video quality becomes more important. Then why watch the content on a small, low-resolution screen when you can watch it on a high-definition screen that’s still easily portable?

Phonecalls on UROTAB:- Surely, you cant feel comfortable holding UROTAB  up to your ear, however,one can take the advantage of simple options such as the speakerphone, wired headphones or Bluetooth headsets to make it work easier.

Video calls using UROTAB:-UROTAB features high resolution camera for video calling, then why to see just a small, low-resolution picture of who you’re chatting with when you can see a larger, high-res video…..

UROTAB can do same things better as Smartphone does!!:-The UROTAB experience is simply better for browsing, apps, email and nearly everything else one can think of……. smartphone activities can easily shift over to tablets for this reason. Its really hard to think of a single digital activity that’s better on a smartphone than on a UROTAB such as GPS navigation,Web browsing, Gaming, Reading and lots more With few exceptions — say, capturing photos or video….

Thinking about tomorrow’s world,as the demand for apps, the mobile web and cloud-stored data is increasing, we will be connected more and more in the future. We will stay connected while on the go. In future, we will surely be relying more on our mobile devices than we do today. And just five years ago, the “take everywhere” device for most people was a laptop. Now we’re gaining laptop-like features on tablets that are easier to carry around and last all day on a single charge…:)


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