Wanna buy a computing device??

Wondering whether to buy a desktop, laptop or a tablet??

It was only a year ago when laptops and desktops were only considered to be a full-fledged computing device—but now many people are wondering whether tablets are good enough to replace them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should consider before deciding to buy either type of device for yourself or as a gift.

Take a walk through UROTAB Premium model…….:) It will definitely help you to come out with suitable conclusion.

UROTAB/ UTP-9R1.2GHz, 1GB-DDR3, Wi-Fi, HDMI, GPS, Bluetooth, Android ICS-4.0, 16 GB, 9.7″ Capacitive Touch Screen.

UROTAB premium “UTP-9R” http://www.urotab.com” is powered by 1.2 GHz processor,1 GB RAM and support a 9.7 inch capacitative touch screen with sun protection. It also has 16 GB compressed NAND flash for storing data,1.3 MP front and 2.0 MP Rear Camera. Above all,the device is Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G enabled supported by number of other applications to best serve the requirements of UROTAB users.

These devices turn on instantly and tend to last longer on a charge than your typical desktop or laptops. It offers 6-8 hours of unplugged use. You can set your UROTAB aside for days and they will likely still have plenty of juice left.

The most popular tablet size is 7 to 10 inches, Hence we have designed variants of UROTAB in 7-and 9.7-inch screens catering to the requirement of users. These models are more portable, and can easily fit inside a purse or jacket pocket. Regardless of the size, UROTAB is lighter and easier to carry than laptops.

UROTAB is affordable than most laptops. We haven’t seen many quality devices at that lower price, but it looks like the UROTAB changes that with a great screen, connectivity and content. Afterall, a good laptop or desktop costs $200 to $300 more.

As far as productivity goes, UROTAB is increasingly versatile. Thanks to such cloud-based services as Dropbox and iCloud,which makes UROTAB more and more productive.

it’s not really a matter of whether  you buy a UROTAB, a Laptop ar a desktop. It’s all  about the device that will best serve your needs at most reasonable price and ofcourse the portability feature could not be ignored.


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