Top ten business application categories for tablets

Major software vendors are taking the tablet seriously and embracing the market, following where users want to take the platform.“As media tablets become more common in business, ERP, CRM and other business application vendors are looking to sell tablet versions of their software, but they will not all be equally usable or functional”.

There will be 900 million tablets in use in the world by 2016, and this will lead to increasing consumerization, especially among executives, CEOs (for distributing material at board meetings), sales and marketing staff as well as healthcare professionals.

The ten top business application categories for tablet as identified by the researchers are:-

  • Sales automation systems – for customer collateral, sales presentations and ordering systems
  • Business intelligence – for analytical and performance apps within management dashboards
  • Containerised email – separating corporate messaging from personal email
  • Collaboration apps for meetings
  • File utilities to share and distribute documents
  • General corporate/government enterprise apps for CRM, ERP, SCM and messaging
  • Medical support systems for doctors and nurses
  • Hosted virtual desktop agents for remote access applications
  • Social networking applications

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