The Revolution is coming!!

 The Indian Private market education currently stands for $41 billion (Rs 1,79,190   crore). Students, Educators and E-Learning players are  warming up to the potential of ICT education(Information and Communication Technology). Trends that create a fertile environment to support ICT education growth

  • Portable device form factors are rapidly evolving, Increased availability and penetration of smart portable devices with advanced functionalities, such as maps,GPS, accelerometers that can sense motion, will lower cost and open world of new possibilities from  education solutions.
  • A digital-native and technology literate generation is fast emerging.We are adopting education solutions and devices in our lives at a faster pace.Children will adapt well to learning through these devices.
  • Governments are turning to the potential of ICT education.Infact many schools are promoting the use of information and communications technology in schools and investing in portable devices that enable new ways f learning-all in a bid to improve leaning outcomes.
  • Education applications are increasingly popular for educational content. Users can download educational apps as well for better learning.

The world is spending more and education than ever..By 2020 we expect global spend to double the digit to US$ 8 trillion...Europa TechnoSoft addresses education market through specialized products offerings and  and solutions such as UROTAB and Euro ClassRoom .



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