The changing scenario!!

For all of the discussion around tablets in business there has not yet arisen a game changing application for the tablets in the way that spreadsheets and word processing did for the PC over 30 years ago.

What is clear is tablets are quickly eliminating the need for paper. Newspapers, magazines, books, even comic books are all moving to tablets. Paper is on the verge of becoming an anachronism. But lacking a way to “put pen to paper” in the digital world is the final barrier.

Humans are not going to give up the pen. It’s been with us for at least 5500 years and the manner of using it has been relatively unchanged. It is almost primal in its ability to connect thought to media.

Some believe the economic value of replacing pens and pads of paper is near zero. However, there is economic value locked up in paper-based notes that can’t be shared, searched, indexed, secured, governed or any of the other forms of information processing and management available in the digital age.

We’ve become obsessed with “big data”, but give no thought to the information we have already processed with our brains that lies dormant on paper.

Digital note-taking is the killer business application for the tablet.  The tablet lets the user work naturally in a manner refined over millennia that is non-disruptive in the workplace.

Once captured, the economic value of the information is immediately available to be leveraged for the betterment of the individual and the business.  Only tablets can deliver this.  And they let you check your email too.

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