Tablets not just for the kids in school

In fact many were looking heavily at how tablets can be used specifically for the educators and administrators to empower them to do their work more effectively.

For administrators, this included things like quick and easy access to data via glance-able dashboards of key metrics. For educators, it meant real time updates of students’ progress as well as providing them with more efficient assessment tools.

The challenges discussed at length were which platform to support and how to support multiple platforms.

The findings are interesting that there are great IT people committed to the important cause of technology and learning. I also think there is a misconception that technology employees of school districts are second rate and couldn’t cut it in corporate IT.

This is undeniably false. There are equally bright technology employees working to make our schools better. They are even faced with more difficult tasks than their corporate IT counterparts because of much smaller budgets.

Because of that, they have to be very strategic with which technologies to deploy and support with their district. They need to make wise investments with platforms and technologies that will stand the test of time.

When we got around to discussing platforms, Android came up but only minimally.Similar to corporate IT departments, educational environments also need to deploy and manage solutions. From a management standpoint many of them are already comfortable with the Windows platform,Also many solutions school districts pay for are web-based learning games and tools and they are mostly Flash based.

Managing multiple platforms and ecosystems is hard for not only large enterprises but for many educational institutions as well. These are key markets and ones for which hopefully technologist will continue to develop new tools.

This is an advice to the vast majority of school district IT department heads and I emphasized­­­ betting more on web standards and the platform of the Internet over platforms. This does not mean that they shouldn’t consider the platforms they support, just that they begin to invest heavily in more web based solutions.

We are moving in the direction of the Internet as the platform of the future and investing in that future now is a smart move.


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