Increase the productivity with Tablet solutions!!

What if we could save hours per day for field workers across a big organization?For big investments in ERP systems taking years to implement, the business case is usually based on single digit percentage improvements in overall efficiency.

With tablet solutions, however, we’ve found that the productivity increase can often be over 100%.As an example consider a field worker working for a big fast-moving consumer goods brand who visits retail stores to check on product placements, product freshness, interview the manager, demonstrate new products and take new orders.

Traditionally this process involved following a paper checklist, filling in paper forms, taking photos with a camera, recording the interview with a tape recorder, showing a paper brochure of the product, taking the order on yet another form.Finally, all the forms would have to be processed on a desktop computer, photos would have to be transferred from the camera and upload to a system, the interview had to be transcribed and the order communicated internally.

Now all of this can be done from one device directly on site allowing the field workers to spend more time with customers and less time at the desk.The following table provides a breakdown of the tasks and time savings:

Task Improvement Time saving potential*
Schedule meetings / visits Automatic scheduling based on locations of sites, available staff/teams and customer availability. Last minute rescheduling. 50-100%
Preparation All existing customer information and latest product information, rate cards, etc available without printing. 100-200%
Checklist / Workflow Check lists for meetings / sites visits dynamically created for each type of visit with a workflow providing all information, material and forms. Workflows improved over time. 100-200%
Recording observations on-site Filling in the form straight away with any deficiencies or positive enhancements.

Comparing feedback with previous visits to see what has improved or worsened.

Document specific things with photos and upload directly.

Presenting products and services Simply select the material used to present from an online content repository whether it is a PowerPoint, PDF, rate card or Video. Present directly from a mobile device. All information is always up to date 25-50%
Feedback to internal team Provide direct feedback to internal teams on the product material, products and more from the client. Feedback can be text, photos or recorded audio. 100-200%
Taking orders Complete an online form together with the customer to avoid mistake and utilize the opportunity while the interest is there. Customer gets an e-mail confirmation straight away. 50-100%
Following up Automatically record which information has been shared with the customer and bundle it as a follow-up e-mail including e.g. order confirmation and feedback. Complete it in as little as 5 minutes after the meeting.

And the information can automatically be entered into the CRM system.

Improving logistics, processes, products, documentation, team and individual performance All information about site visits (time spent, frequency, etc), feedback, what was presented, conversation rates logged and made available to the manager to analyze and improve. No estimate

And all of the above tasks can be done without ever having to open a laptop or sit down at a desk. Best of all, the solutions for achieving these enhancements exist today with a combination of cloud services, enterprise tools and some custom integration.

What are you waiting for? Increase the productivity of your field workers by over 100% today!

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