Considerations for the Developer of Tabapps:

Conquering the app store is a mighty task that requires developers get everything right from an attractive price to a stylish user interface, not to mention some kind of competitive advantage and value.

Make the user interface consistent and easy to use

An ever-changing user interface risks confusing and annoying the user to the point where they’re not sure how to use the application.The developers should make sure menu options, button labels, ‘soft keys’, menus and other parts of the UI are “consistent and clear”.

Graphics and text should be clear for the user

It sounds obvious, but Wrigley stresses that all text in an app should be “readable, clear and not cut off by the edge of the screen or overlapping other screen items”.

App navigation must be fluid

The developers must ensure app navigation is easy or risk losing users to competitive solutions that get the job done more efficiently.“Navigation through the app is obvious if you’ve been working on it for weeks or months, but not everyone else may find it so clear.

Use a dictionary to avoid spelling mistakes and other language problems

It’s fair to say that most grievances with app performance lies with apps’ crashing or freezing, but another problem, according to the can be common spelling errors and other language issues. “If one supports multiple languages, make sure that it is consistent and  spell checker is always used.”

Get your app’s privacy watertight

In the age of Facebook, Google and now Twitter’s Vine, personal security has become a hot topic in every walk of life, both for consumers and businesses.And with these same users increasingly wary of apps that pass on personal information or even sell their photos (I’m looking at you Instagram, an app privacy policy is essential.

Don’t leave any hidden features

Have you used an app extensively, only to discover some pretty cool features that you didn’t know of months later? At the time it can be pleasantly surprising or sometimes annoying to the user, but either way it works out as a missed opportunity for the developer.

Control the mother of all app problems: App crashing

App crashing is the single most annoying thing to the end user,such problems may be hard to avoid, but the developers should be looking at some of the “simple things” which can lead to their app crashing.

Help out troubled users…and quickly

“While it is obvious to some, other people like to read help information and so providing help is a must.

Look out for image problems when changing orientation…

Switching your tablet from landscape to portrait can sometimes take longer than expected, but such a simple gesture can also have big repercussions for developers.

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