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UROTAB not only cater to the needs of education and corporates, but also plays a significant role in the world of entertainment..!!

UROTAB has not left the aspect of entertainment untouched…as entertainment is the only thing which can add salt to the life, full of stress and anxiety and gives the life its charm and energy.

As soon as UROTAB is out of the box and connected to the web, the world is in your hands with the power to communicate, to reach, to interact with friends, family and communities wherever they are. UROTAB users can have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at their fingertips, and get used to searching, organising and sharing information instantly – all through a simple, touch-sensitive screen interface that’s designed to be intuitive and fun.

UROTAB key features of portability...

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How useful is UROTAB for corporate world????

Are you stuck at your desk, trying to build a company using your PC to track and manage everything yourself? Its time to streamline — and transform — your business by using UROTAB.  It’s no longer optional — your competitors are going to leap ahead by empowering their entire team to capture, communicate and use data more effectively and efficiently.

we’re entering in the era of tablet computing,Tablets make a whole lot of sense in the home, wherein we can lounge around and browse our favorite Websites or watch movies. But that’s not the kind of thing people should be doing in the corporate world,Thus UROTAB has come up to serve the emerging needs of corporate world with beautiful screens delivering a rich reading & sharing experience and providing rich entertainment value...

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Will UROTAB help in transforming higher education??

          In previous post I have mentioned how UROTAB fits into the school life. However in this post I will share my views about how UROTAB is going to transform higher education…..

We at Europa TechnoSoft believe technical literacy and strong learning engagement are two important path towards boosting college graduation rates and better preparing students for lifelong career is the fact that college students are after all students, UROTAB will certainly make it easier for students to conduct research, access online content and share academic materials.

Better study habits and performance with tablets…….Market intelligence firm IDC projects worldwide shipments of more than 70 million tablets in 2012, up from 17 million in 2010...

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What’s in your bag??

Whatever happened to the days of students…… it has drastically changed by now.

Nowadays the majority of students have somewhat smart devices with them. Facebook, Twitter and Orkut are not the only things that students are using their devices for…We are actually fairly lucky that we live in a time that we have this technology for educational purposes. No more heavy books and backpacks!! lets see how the Tablet fits into the School-Life:)

TABLETS are on the RISE!! Some classes and colleges are now giving out tablets to learn on. We already know that tablets make learning and performing daily tasks more exciting. From using them in the classroom,to playing games,downloading E-books and even to updating our latest Facebook status, tablets have revolutionized the way that we live.


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Europa TechnoSoft Private Limited-Welcome to the world of tablets!!

Welcome to Europa TechnoSoft Private Limited, a pioneer in technological innovations!!

In the ever-changing world filled with new technologies, every individual must take into consideration the day to day changes taking place, which will definitely give a competitive edge to succeed.

Keeping this in mind, Europa TechnoSoft Private Limited has forayed into the tablet computer market with the launch of UROTAB an android based tablet. For the last decade we have been designing and developing solutions for the Educational needs, Medical needs, Corporate and even for the common man.

The company strongly believes to work out cost effective solutions catering to various segments of people.Europa TechnoSoft is certainly going to heat up the price war for the tablets in Indian market...

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A walk through UROTAB!!

Europa TechnoSoft launches UROTAB, an advanced android based tablet computer with enhanced hardware and softwares designed and developed to provide cost-effective solutions.

We, at Europa TechnoSoft relies on the fact that people are in very frequent use of modern technologies in communication,at home,or at work and feel hard to survive in absence of modern means of technology.

Henceforth, UROTAB has been introduced with three different models, Vanilla,Classic and Premium available in two different screen sizes i.e 7″& 9.7-inch.UROTAB is set to offer quality product at best suitable prices. It is well equipped with latest advancement and innovative features that are being offered in other brands, that too at a very reasonable price...

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Who Am I..? Tab :)

The mobile internet user appeared only a few years ago, but already this new users behavior is changing the technology landscape. Within this larger trend we are seeing a fragmentation of computing devices and 2012 may be the year of the tablets whose adaptation we expect will ramp faster than any previous mobile device.

Tablets are the fastest-growing category of portable computer, which in 2011 accounted for some 15 percent of the market. Tablets are powerful tool for enhancing productivity online experience whether for business use or life in general. It is smaller than a laptop and bigger than a Smartphone, The tablet is perfect to take with you on the go.

You can browse the internet create and share presentations,video conference with clients,stay connected with corporate email,downlo...

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