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Uromath-RAM building App

Oops! This week in the past, I posted a note on BrainBooster, an app that helps improve your mental RAM. No doubt about that! What I missed was, another app called UROMATH which is a precursor to BrainBooster. From the same developer that of BrainBooster, Uromath is a primary stage app that gives a beginner the luxury of time to solve simple calculations without time limit. As you practice, you pine to improve your own telly by shortening the timeline to solve the problem. This is quite addictive and for all the good reasons to make your brain more active and logical. The best part of the practice is that you develop your own logics to answer the puzzles in a quicker time.


Uromath is a simple but useful app for young children to augment their mental ability for greater challenges ahead...

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BrainBooster: The power of Zero

It’s raining apps all over. What caught my fancy is a cool drop called – Brain Booster; in the ocean of android apps.  Brain Booster is a simple application that can be accessed from Google Store free of cost. Simple calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, tables and modulus numbers calculation can be practiced to improve mathematical skills with this application. With a regular practice of five minutes a day for 21 days can increase your brain memory by 20% to be least. It’s a cool app for slow learning students, middle aged executives and even for octogenarians whose memory is on the wane.

Mathematics is an integral part of us. We are surrounded by numbers from the time we are born. It starts with registering the time and date of our birth...

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Magazines: Are Hopes for Tablets Overdone?

Magazine publishers’ two main revenue sources remain in print –sales and advertising– and both fell again in 2011. Circulation revenues were lower, as were the number of print ad pages sold.  The weak economy and the shift to digital share the blame.  So far, most magazines are not capturing enough of the growth in digital to make up for what is disappearing from print. The industry’s digital revenues, while fast growing, are just 5% of the total, lower than in newspapers.. There are exceptions, though, which may point the way for others. Four years after launching an aggressive strategy to prioritize digital, The Atlantic announced that it earned more from digital advertising than print ads in the month of October.

Readers, meanwhile, are migrating fast to digital and mobile, a ...

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Cluttered tablet market: Has Apple left a lot of room for rivals to grow?

Tablets were supposed to be a simple alternative to the bloated personal computer market. And when “tablet” was synonymous with “iPad,” that was true.

Look at the tablets available online or at a consumer electronics store and it can be dizzying to choose from among the dozens of slim rectangles with touch screens – each with various sizes, features, prices and applications.

Tablets were supposed to be a simple alternative to the bloated personal computer market. And when “tablet” was synonymous with “iPad,” that was true.

But this is the first holiday season in which the iPad faces competitors that have built up a solid footing in the market. Amazon and Google introduced tablets just in time for the shopping rush...

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The Revolution is coming!!

 The Indian Private market education currently stands for $41 billion (Rs 1,79,190   crore). Students, Educators and E-Learning players are  warming up to the potential of ICT education(Information and Communication Technology). Trends that create a fertile environment to support ICT education growth

  • Portable device form factors are rapidly evolving, Increased availability and penetration of smart portable devices with advanced functionalities, such as maps,GPS, accelerometers that can sense motion, will lower cost and open world of new possibilities from  education solutions.
  • A digital-native and technology literate generation is fast emerging.We are adopting education solutions and devices in our lives at a faster pace.Children will adapt well to learning through these devices.
  • Gov...
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Demand of tablets….on the rise!!

Through detailed research and studies, it has become a established fact that Worldwide tablet markets continue to achieve significant growth as devices are used to access the Internet, provide large screen visualization of Internet digital data, and provide significant ease of use for a computing device.

“The tablet market promises to eclipse the PC market, providing vivid images on modern displays. Tablet devices are used to write an email, send a text, search the web, or create a note. Portability and ease of use is featured. Units are evolving the capability to be controlled all with the voice, providing the ability to embed more capabilities that people have not even thought of yet. The ecosystem is a significant part of the tablet market.”
New functions on tablets will permit better k...

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Yes!! tablet will replace smartphones..:)

As UROTAB unveiled, people started enjoying the portability and immersive experience that how a small UROTAB offers over smartphones. Looking at the mobile trends, It can be seen how the tablet will replace the smartphones. And it may happen sooner than one can think. Thanks to the pace of mobile-network expansion, new audio and video technologies, the expansion of Wi-Fi, and more-capable hardware that runs longer on a single charge, It is expected that tablet such as UROTAB will replace the smartphones within the next half a dozen years.

Few reasons for this happening are:-

Dependence on media consumption:-This won’t surprise anyone, but now that traditional video,movies and TV shows in addition to YouTube content is more readily accessible on UROTAB where screen size and video quality be...

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Low price…..High services!!!!

In the fast-evolving and highly competitive tablet market, understanding the factors that are driving consumers’ purchase decisions is a very crucial factor….UROTAB has been designed and developed with enhanced hardware and softwares to provide cost effective solutions that will create a competitive edge for the device…

Tablet and apps go together like bread and butter….. Thus, UROTAB is set to offer a full portfolio of enterprise level services with specific features for mass customization….lets have a look on some basic services offered by UROTAB….

Cloud computing:- UROTAB offers cloud computing services through which vital data can be stored in the cloud and it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by any device, no matter you left your device behind in an airport terminal or knocked off...

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Future prospect of UROTAB!!

Europa TechnoSoft emerged with UROTAB as an effort to make space for themselves in the tablet market. UROTAB will definitely give an edge to the market with their advance features and specifications.

The tablet market is gaining momentum in terms of launching new ones and also generating considerable revenue from it. A report presented by International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed some interesting statistics about the rise in the tablet market and how it is progressing with considerable margins! The worldwide shipments of tablets increased by 88.9 percent on the sequential basis. Moreover, through the second quarter of 2011, 303.8 percent of it rose. The second quarter of 2011 saw a considerable rise with the likes of new tablets introduced in the market.

The prospect of UROTAB seems to...

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Wanna buy a computing device??

Wondering whether to buy a desktop, laptop or a tablet??

It was only a year ago when laptops and desktops were only considered to be a full-fledged computing device—but now many people are wondering whether tablets are good enough to replace them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you should consider before deciding to buy either type of device for yourself or as a gift.

Take a walk through UROTAB Premium model…….:) It will definitely help you to come out with suitable conclusion.

UROTAB/ UTP-9R1.2GHz, 1GB-DDR3, Wi-Fi, HDMI, GPS, Bluetooth, Android ICS-4.0, 16 GB, 9.7″ Capacitive Touch Screen.

UROTAB premium “UTP-9R”” is powered by 1.2 GHz processor,1 GB RAM and support a 9.7 inch capacitative touch screen with sun protection...

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