BrainBooster: The power of Zero

It’s raining apps all over. What caught my fancy is a cool drop called – Brain Booster; in the ocean of android apps.  Brain Booster is a simple application that can be accessed from Google Store free of cost. Simple calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, tables and modulus numbers calculation can be practiced to improve mathematical skills with this application. With a regular practice of five minutes a day for 21 days can increase your brain memory by 20% to be least. It’s a cool app for slow learning students, middle aged executives and even for octogenarians whose memory is on the wane.


Mathematics is an integral part of us. We are surrounded by numbers from the time we are born. It starts with registering the time and date of our birth. As we grow, the countdown begins. We count number of our family members, numbers of friends we have,



number of jobs we shift to and ad infinic_launcher BBOSTERitum. As we grow, mathematics also grows to higher branches like algorithm, matrix etc. People, who continue with advancement of mathematics, achieve more success. Mathematics trains us to be regimental and organized in all spheres of life. This does not mean that those who do not pursue maths, achieve less in life but mathematics does give us an added advantage and foresight to pre-empt the possible flaws in our pursuit.


We all must continue to practice mathematics at least in its basic element to keep our brain alert and memory sharp. Check this URL for increasing your mental Random Aaccess Memory:

Install link:


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