Uromath-RAM building App

Oops! This week in the past, I posted a note on BrainBooster, an app that helps improve your mental RAM. No doubt about that! What I missed was, another app called UROMATH which is a precursor to BrainBooster. From the same developer that of BrainBooster, Uromath is a primary stage app that gives a beginner the luxury of time to solve simple calculations without time limit. As you practice, you pine to improve your own telly by shortening the timeline to solve the problem. This is quite addictive and for all the good reasons to make your brain more active and logical. The best part of the practice is that you develop your own logics to answer the puzzles in a quicker time.


Uromath is a simple but useful app for young children to augment their mental ability for greater challenges ahead. That said, it is equally useful for adults of any age group to practice now for enabling their brain power to increase manifolds, no matter what their age is. You can graduate to next level of practice by switching to BrainBooster app.

Follow this link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uroinvo.euro_math

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