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Big implications for the tablet buyers everywhere!!

Is the world about to engulfed by a flood of gray market, off-brand Android tablets? Not quite, but analyst and says one of “the most disturbing and potentially disruptive things uncovered this week is that the market for low-cost tablets in China is taking off in far greater numbers than anyone else is reporting.

As reported a vendor mass-produces low cost, 7-inch tablets in China being sold for $47 dollars (292.51 CNY). Others are selling 10-inch models for anywhere from $60-$150.“There is unquestionably a massive and rapidly growing market for extremely cheap Android tablets in China.

These devices are being made using second and third tier manufacturers and come with stripped down versions of Android  with a few simple apps pre-loaded...

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The cloud is on everyone’s mind these days!!

cloud computing

Apps like Dropbox and Google Drive are getting everyone excited about cloud storage, . Users are ready for the cloud but is the cloud really ready for us? Amid all this hype and excitement, there are signs that storms are brewing.

Cloud storage is nice. It’s convenient, and when it works, it works wonders. But is it secure enough to rely on, either for your personal stuff or your business data?

What is to be relied on is secured files. Stored where one can see them (or at least the hard drives where they live). Everything gets backed up, and then backed up again just in case—storage is cheap, but  time and effort is equally valuable.And sure, there is no need to maintain the back up as most of the stuff is covered by cloud solution...

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Gartner blames tablet demand as PC market crashes in Q4..

Market research firm Gartner says that an increasing demand for tablets saw worldwide PC shipments drop 4.9% to 90.3 million in the fourth quarter of last year.

“Tablets have dramatically changed the device landscape for PCs, not so much by ‘cannibalizing’ PC sales, but by causing PC users to shift consumption to tablets rather than replacing older PCs,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.

“Whereas as once we imagined a world in which individual users would have both a PC and a tablet as personal devices, we increasingly suspect that most individuals will shift consumption activity to a personal tablet, and perform creative and administrative tasks on a shared PC.

“There will be some individuals who retain both, but we believe they will be exception...

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Tablets:- Preferred device among airline passengers!!

A new survey shows the percentage of airline passengers using tablets has almost drawn dead even with those using laptops.

Of the 2,600 travelers surveyed by FlightView, 38% said they fly with a laptop while 37% said they fly with a tablet. FlightView, which offers real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industry, said it expects tablets to pass notebooks in airplane use by next year.

Smartphones ruled the results at 82% in the multiple answer survey with E-Readers coming in 4th at 19%.

There were several other interesting tidbits in the survey of traveler’s preferences.For example, a majority are unsatisfied with Wi-Fi service in-flight and in the airport...

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5 ways to get instant ROI from tablet software!!

Everyone knows what tablets are capable of. So when it comes to offering your customers apps, go for wow.

As your team develops apps, if you engage customers and shareholders at the level they’re used to as consumers, remember to collect in-depth app usage data and satisfy IT security requirements, all with the same software, you’ll be well on your way to big gains from tablet deployment.

Here are five tips for choosing the right software to get immediate ROI from tablet investment:

1.     Bring app authoring in house. Give your creative and dev teams the tools they need to build interactive mobile content with or without code. Why? So you can:

  • Engage customers more effectively with wow-worthy apps.
  • Eliminate spending on pricey, outside developers.
  • Be sure your team has the mo...
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Back with a bang!!

We are back with an updated version of “UROMATH”. Our team is working hard to optimize your potential by using advanced version of “UROMATH”.

It has been updated with an excellent user interface and new set of challenges by introducing three phases of difficulty level along with time restrictions.You are allotted with time limits to answer each and every question.We are trying to come out with our best efforts to make our user experience an excellent application and feel good about the change one witnesses due to regular usage of “UROMATH”.

Performance level has already been improved to an extent, however We believe it’s never perfect!! So, we will try to add in more and more features to make our “UROMATH” application near to perfect!!

Stay tuned with us....

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Enterprise tablet deployments will grow four-fold in 2013..

There will be a four-fold increase in CIOs looking at “broad” tablet deployments in 2013, says Piper Jaffray

An increasing number of chief information officers (CIOs) will tackle tablet deployments in enterprise this year, says Paper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, with Apple’s iPad still the preferred tablet on the market.

In a note to investors (which was first reported by AppleInsider), Munster said that his firm had surveyed 59 CIOs from 12 different industries recently and discovered that tablet deployments in enterprise are to surge in 2013.

Munster detailed that 15% of CIOs plan to embark on “broad” deployments in 2013, almost a four-fold increase from just 4% last year, and said that the number of CIOs with no tablet deployment plans will drop from 54% in 2012 to 42%.


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Tablets: the third platform!!

It’s easy to call a tablet a larger a mobile phone. Or a replacement for a notebook or ultrabook. But to dismiss tablets as scaled clones of their bigger and smaller brothers is a mistake.

Tablets are the third type of device: the one with the most revenue potential for ecommerce and developers alike. Tablets drive greater volumes of traffic, that convert to paid at better rates, and drive better qualified and less expensive leads through advertising.

Despite the fact that tablet penetration is less than half of smart phone penetration in the US, tablets’ share of traffic to websites outpaced mobile web in Q1 2012. And with tablet penetration doubling year over year, that trend is certain to continue.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 6.31.30 PM.png

More impressively, overall tablet users’ conversion rates are twice as strong as mobil...

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Tablets are increasingly being used for PC tasks, claims Ben Bajarin!!

Creative Strategies’ principal analyst Ben Bajarin believes tablets will outsell PCs worldwide by 2015 and has paid homage to the netbook for leading businesses and consumers to tablets and the ‘touchscreen’ world.

NEW YORK – Speaking at the TabletBiz conference in New York today, Bajarin said tablets are disrupting the PC by offering new use cases, ‘intimate’ usability and powerful performance, and said that netbook helped the bring about the rise of tablets.

“I think the ‘aha’ moment happened with netbooks.

“The notebook and PCs have over-served the mass needs of the market and people realized that they could pay $300 or $400 for something [a netbook] that would do 80-90% of what needed,” said Bajarin...

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IDC report: Tablet market grows nearly 50 percent, Apple loses iPad share

Summary:  As expected with Apple is beginning to loss its stronghold in the tablet market. As time goes on and Windows 8 grows we expect Apples share of the tablet market to continue to decline.

While Apple begins to deliver the new iPad mini to new buyers, today we read the IDC report on worldwide tablet shipments that has Apple dominating the tablet market. Apple’s share did decline from 59.7 percent to 50.4 percent, but the firm did see growth of 26.1 percent in shipments year on year.

The share loss for Apple was picked up primarily by Samsung, Amazon, and Asus. It seems the Asus manufactured Google Nexus 7 helped quite a bit as they saw a 252.9% growth in shipments over the last year.

Samsung is now clearly in second place with 18...

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