Uromath-RAM building App

Oops! This week in the past, I posted a note on BrainBooster, an app that helps improve your mental RAM. No doubt about that! What I missed was, another app called UROMATH which is a precursor to BrainBooster. From the same developer that of BrainBooster, Uromath is a primary stage app that gives a beginner the luxury of time to solve simple calculations without time limit. As you practice, you pine to improve your own telly by shortening the timeline to solve the problem. This is quite addictive and for all the good reasons to make your brain more active and logical. The best part of the practice is that you develop your own logics to answer the puzzles in a quicker time.


Uromath is a simple but useful app for young children to augment their mental ability for greater challenges ahead...

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BrainBooster: The power of Zero

It’s raining apps all over. What caught my fancy is a cool drop called – Brain Booster; in the ocean of android apps.  Brain Booster is a simple application that can be accessed from Google Store free of cost. Simple calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, tables and modulus numbers calculation can be practiced to improve mathematical skills with this application. With a regular practice of five minutes a day for 21 days can increase your brain memory by 20% to be least. It’s a cool app for slow learning students, middle aged executives and even for octogenarians whose memory is on the wane.

Mathematics is an integral part of us. We are surrounded by numbers from the time we are born. It starts with registering the time and date of our birth...

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New study shows schools are starting to spend big on tablets!!

A new report reveals that tablet adoption in education is widespread across the world
Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly spending more money on tablets and other mobile PCs, according to a new study.

Futuresource Consulting, a self-proclaimed leader in providing research on education technology, today released the latest findings from its annual report into the global education landscape, a report which revealed that overall spending is on the rise.

“Total universe spend in the global education technology market in 2012 increased 23% to $11.6 Billion, from 2011,” said Colin Messenger, a senior analyst at Futuresource Consulting.

“This is a strong result compared to other markets and considering the pressure on education budgets across the world...

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Increase the productivity with Tablet solutions!!

What if we could save hours per day for field workers across a big organization?For big investments in ERP systems taking years to implement, the business case is usually based on single digit percentage improvements in overall efficiency.

With tablet solutions, however, we’ve found that the productivity increase can often be over 100%.As an example consider a field worker working for a big fast-moving consumer goods brand who visits retail stores to check on product placements, product freshness, interview the manager, demonstrate new products and take new orders.

Traditionally this process involved following a paper checklist, filling in paper forms, taking photos with a camera, recording the interview with a tape recorder, showing a paper brochure of the product, taking the order...

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Move mountains of manufacturing with Tablets!!

It’s no secret that today’s manufacturing landscape is in the midst of global upheaval. What may seem surprising to some is that the tablet is poised to become every smart manufacturer’s secret weapon in the battle to regain dominance and market share.

As top talent goes elsewhere, traditional offshoring becomes obsolete, customers demand lower operating costs, and upstarts continue to disrupt the industry, companies are feeling increased pressure everywhere – from the boardroom to the plant floor. Where is the competitive advantage? In my opinion, it’s tablets.

The fact that Gartner predicts 33% growth in mobility in manufacturing through 2015, a smart mobile strategy with a tablet implementation can lead to a more productive, more empowered, and more informed workforce.


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Physicians usings Tablets!!

Tablets can increasingly be found in hospital wards
A new research report finds that a growing number of physicians are using tablets, with some of these even deploying apps out to their patients.

Surveying 2,950 physicians for its annual “Taking the Pulse” survey, Manhattan Research claimed that 72% of physicians now own a tablet, a figure which represents a 10% rise from 2012. The figure also shows just how quickly adoption has risen – the same study revealed that just 30% of physicians had a tablet back in 2011.

The researchers behind the study asked doctors on how they used their smartphones and tablets, and seemed to concur that tablet usage was hard to define.

“The smartphone continues to be a quick hit device, many times per day being accessed, but for, of cour...

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BYOD work trend!!

Tablets helped popularize the BYOD (Bring-Your-Own Device) to work trend.
 it’s fair to say that tablet has had a profound effect on how people, especially in business, now use computers.

‘Tablets brought about the BYOD era

The days of your IT department solely deciding what device you can have and when are diminishing as knowledge workers increasingly get to choose which devices they want use at work.

So, what brought about this shift in workplace dynamics? Well, it was the rise of consumerization and more specifically, an increasing desire for employees to use their personally-owned devices, like tablets, to become more productive – the so-called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend.

Apple’s iPad and iPhone have been the big winners of this, largely at the expe...

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Enterprise mobility set for explosive growth up until 2020..

Enterprise mobility will be big news up until 2020, according to a new reportThe rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has seen smartphones and tablets swarm into the workplace to the extent where one report now claims the movement will help enterprise mobility “take over the world” by 2020.

The report comes from the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) and details how the global enterprise mobility market will bring in $140 billion a year by 2020, representing a 15% annual growth in revenue for the next seven years.

Indeed, such is the growth in this sector that the India-based firm predicts that enterprise mobility will account for 10-12% of total IT spend by the end of the forecast period, impressive figures given the current penetration is under 5%.


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Smaller tablets set to fuel market growth!!

Android tablets will account for 48% of all models on the market this year, says IDC
The growing popularity of smaller, low-cost Android tablets has forced IDC to upwards revise its forecast for the tablet market in 2013. And while the report makes for good reading if you’re Google or Amazon, Windows 8 vendors should probably look away now.

The research group now expects 190.9 million tablets to ship in 2013, a slight but significant increase from its previous forecast of 172.4 million, and believes that booming demand for tablets will eventually see shipments skyrocket to 350 million units by the end of 2017.

“One in every two tablets shipped this quarter was below 8 inches in screen size...

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The changing scenario!!

For all of the discussion around tablets in business there has not yet arisen a game changing application for the tablets in the way that spreadsheets and word processing did for the PC over 30 years ago.

What is clear is tablets are quickly eliminating the need for paper. Newspapers, magazines, books, even comic books are all moving to tablets. Paper is on the verge of becoming an anachronism. But lacking a way to “put pen to paper” in the digital world is the final barrier.

Humans are not going to give up the pen. It’s been with us for at least 5500 years and the manner of using it has been relatively unchanged. It is almost primal in its ability to connect thought to media.

Some believe the economic value of replacing pens and pads of paper is near zero...

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